June 21, 2017


'Saw' Changes Up the Title Game for No. 8, Sets Release Date


Jigsaw's back in a big way for Saw 8, which now has the shadowy murder-mastermind as its title, full stop. Jigsaw will take place a decade after the original killer left the fold, when new murders have folks flashing back to Cary Elwes' brb-sawing-off-my-hand days. It was previously being referred to as Saw: Legacy.


James Wan started the franchise in 2004. From then, every Halloween through 2010 had a Saw movie. 2010's Saw 3D, the first to abandon Roman numerals, was also the first to have a subtitle: The Final Chapter. Yeah...not so much.

JigsawScreenrant writes, was the original title for Saw, which could hint "that the franchise intends to return to its roots and offer something more in line with the tense, psychological horror of the debut movie."

With the exception of an uptick for VI, Saw saw its Rotten Tomatoes scores plummet deeper each time around, sinking to 9 percent fresh on the last one. Globally, III, II and IV were the most profitable, in that order. After years making more than $100 million worldwide, VI suddenly made just half of its predecessor's take. 

Jigsaw's directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, penned by Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg, and hits theaters Oct. 27.

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