June 29, 2017


Justin Bieber Did the Impossible and Made Baby Asahd Khaled Cry

DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck's eight-month-old baby, Asahd, isn't so sure about that Justin Bieber. While shooting the "I'm the One" video, the 23-year-old took a sec to greet the prodigal son. Asahd did not like this, no matter what that old Instagram pic had us thinking.

In TMZ's video, you can catch Khaled holding and kissing his little guy, which under normal circumstances would surely be tremendously comforting. But after a quick touch from JB, he breaks down in under five seconds. It's being touted as the first public instance of Asahd crying. Bear in mind that includes red carpets and award show stages.

In his "first interview," a text-message exchange between Mass Appeal and Asahd, he's asked, "Ferberizing? Yay or nay?" His answer: "Couldn't tell you cause I don't cry lol #happybaby #happylife."

Artists who did not make Asahd Khaled cry:

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