June 13, 2017


Watch Justin Bieber Dodge a Water Bottle Because He Won't Sing 'Despacito'

Justin Bieber has been hit with water bottles during concerts in the past, so his aim has definitely improved over the years. During the singer's Sweden's Summerburst Festival performance over the weekend, he showed off his dodging skills after he turned down a request to sing "Despacito."

“I can’t do 'Despacito.' I don't even know it. I can’t remember the words”, he tells the disappointed crowd just moments before a fan aims a water bottle at his head. If this was 2013, Bieber would've stormed off the stage. But in his quest to become a better person, he kept the performance going. Yet don't think this excuses the pop star from his previous ignorance.

Last month, Bieber was recorded attempting to sing "Despacito" at New York's 1Oak nightclub. Instead of trying to enunciate the Spanish words, he decided to ramble off some cringe-worthy "blah blah blah blah blah" adlibs to replace the lyrics. “I don’t know the words so I say burrito," he added.

In any case, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee (the original collaborators of "Despacito") are enjoying the success of the remix that features Bieber. The song made music history when it became the first mostly Spanish-language No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 since "Macarena" in 1996. It remains on the No. 1 spot on the charts for its fifth consecutive week. 

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