June 28, 2017


New '4:44' Album Teasers 'Kill Jay Z' & 'MaNyfaCedGod' Arrive

Update: Right off the heels of "Kill Jay Z" is "MaNyfaCedGod," featuring Lupita Nyong'o going through...some kind of serious shit. As with the previous teaser, the context is left up to your own big, brilliant imagination. If you crack a code in that choice of letter capitalization, let us know.

The music, lyric-less for the second time in a row, sounds primed for some deep introspection and a more laid-back, thought-out Jay Z than the "check it out, I'm doing what the cool kids are doing" Hov of Magna Carta...Holy Grail.

Lupita is set to star in the NC-17 4:44 film alongside Mahershala Ali and Danny Glover. We don't know anything else about it yet.

Original story: The extremely long-awaited new Jay Z album is so close it feels like you could take a quick power nap and it'd be here. Until now, all we've heard from 4:44 is a few bars on an ad titled "Adnis," Hov's dad's name. The new teaser is intensely titled "Kill Jay Z" and features a young man in a Stay Black T-shirt running toward the camera with a face that could mean a thousand things. Based on the title, the ominous sonic vibe and the sound of a police siren, we're guessing he's running from the cops.

4:44 is also evidently the title of an NC-17 rated film starring Oscar-winners Mahershala Ali and Lupita Nyong'o alongside four-time Emmy nominee Danny Glover. So is this a visual album, or...?

Jay Z and Beyoncé recently welcomed twins. Daughter Blue Ivy was just one year old when Magna Carta...Holy Grail hit; now she's five. The stretch leading to 4:44, Jigga's 13th album, is longest break he's ever taken between records.

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