June 16, 2017


Martin Garrix Confirms New Song With Linkin Park

Getty Images
Getty Images

Linkin Park's new, pop- and electronic-leaning One More Light album divided fans—the record gave the band their sixth No. 1 album, but left others yearning for the band's original sound—and an upcoming collaboration indicates the band isn't leaving the EDM world behind anytime soon.

Martin Garrix recently confirmed that he recorded an upcoming song with the "Heavy" band. The producer/DJ—known for his big-room EDM breakout "Animals" along with hit collaborations with Usher and Troye Sivan—told Chicago's 103.5 radio station that he has only the utmost respect for the outfit, saying "It's crazy because I grew up with them and being in the studio was very crazy, very unreal." Watch the clip below:

With the success of One More Light along with this upcoming collaboration, it looks like Linkin Park's experimentation in the pop and electronic world isn't ending anytime soon.

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