June 2, 2017


NBA Players Read Mean Tweets Just in Time for the Finals

The 2017 NBA Finals kicked off in Oakland, Calif. yesterday as the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 113 to 91 in their third straight year facing off for the championship. To celebrate the intense occasion (this year's a tiebreaker after each team won one trophy), Jimmy Kimmel Live! rounded up enough stars to do a new Celebrities Read Mean Tweets video. This is the show's fifth NBA edition.

Watch above as familiar faces like James Harden, DeAndre Jordan, Mike Conley Jr., Karl-Anthony Towns and Jay Williams are joined by icons like Shaq, Magic Johnson, Doc Rivers and Walt Frazier. Karl Malone closes out with a disinterested, "Nah. Fuck Twitter, Karl Malone ain't doing this shit."

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