June 9, 2017


Let These Fuzzy Felt Dolls Recap All of 'Orange Is the New Black' for You

Another favorite show returns with a new season, another felt doll recap of everything that came before. (?)

Watch above as fuzzy Litchfield inmates, guards and loved ones recreate all your favorite Orange Is the New Black moments—and some you wished you'd never have to relive. Some of the transitions are ingenious. Hopefully these people will make a kids' movie soon.

This isn't the only official mashup fun the show's had coming up to Season 5, with Taystee and Poussey recreating the best Black Mirror episode recently, too.

Orange Is the New Black will continue through at least 2019 on Netflix, having nabbed a three-year renewal in February '16. 

Love toy-size recreations of your onscreen faves? Tune in to the series premiere of Fuse's The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow with host/executive producer Wilmer Valderrama, airing Tuesday, July 11 at 10:30/9:30c on Fuse, which you can find in your area with our channel finder. For now, though, watch members of the OITNB cast tell us who would run prison, Nicki Minaj or Rihanna: