June 6, 2017


Pokémon Games Coming to Nintendo Switch & 3DS This Year

Nintendo on YouTube
Nintendo on YouTube

Heads up, Nintendo Switch and 3DS users: New Pokémon games are coming your way. 

Nintendo held a Pokémon-themed Nintendo Direct conference on Tuesday (June 6) and revealed that three of its current games are getting updates for new systems. 

First up, Pokken Tournament Deluxe is coming to the Nintendo Switch acting as an update to the monster fighting game that currently exists on Wii U. Fans can look forward to some new characters added to the game and, as a gorgeous new promo for the game shows (below), battling other trainers literally anywhere in the world. That comes out on Sept. 22.

Fans can also look forward to updates to the recently released Pokemon Moon and Sun games via Pokemon Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun that will come to the Nintendo 3DS. Reports say players can expect new storylines and an expanded playing region. That comes on Nov. 17. 

Lastly, Pokemon Gold and Silver, from the Gameboy Color days, are coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console as well on Sept. 22. More information on the latter two games is said to be coming this year.

While some fans were hoping for Nintendo to announce an entirely new Pokémon game, these new updates continue to prove how Pikachu and his friends are more popular than ever and the Pokémania isn't dying down anytime soon. 

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