June 9, 2017


'Thong Song' Gets 18-Years-Later 'Remake' Featuring Sisqó

Update (June 9): It's here, JCY's "Thong Song" featuring Sisqó. Press play and #waitforthedrop.

Original story (June 7): On Friday, a Norwegian group called JCY ("Juicy," in everyday wordspeak) is releasing what Idolator writes is "the first official remake of the enduring bop" that is Sisqó's eternal "Thong Song," reportedly built around his original vocal track. Released in 1999 with the Dru Hill frontman rocking a spray painted platinum Caesar, the Unleash the Dragon single went to No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and charted for 28 weeks. 

Official Charts writes that it's heard JCY's track and deems it a "remake" that serves as "'Thong Song' for 2017, but Sisqó's unmistakable vocal keeps things nicely nostalgic." They tease that "tropical beats and a more electronic chorus are both at play."

David Becker/BET/Getty Images
David Becker/BET/Getty Images

Last month Sisqó, now 38, made an abridged viral parody called "LeBron Song." The month before, Ludacris sampled the track for "Vitamin D" with Ty Dolla $ign. Best of all, in February '16, Brendon Urie merged with Sisqó to form Panic! at the Sisqó on Kimmel.

In 2015, Sisqó released Last Dragon, his third solo album, after a 14-year absence. In that time, Dru Hill did two records (inDRUpendence Day is a truly wicked title) and Sisqó became a reality TV staple.

Here's "Thong Song" one more time, for safekeeping:

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