In April, Tyler, the Creator gave one of his tightest verses ever on Frank Ocean's single "Biking" (alongside Jay Z!). He's got the same momentum going into his new tracks with Frocean and A$AP Rocky. The latter, "Who Dat Boy," has a video by visionary director Wolf "Tyler, the Creator" Haley. Rocky becomes a surgeon and stitches a white guy's face over the Cherry Bomb rapper/producer. In the last minute you get a snippet of the luscious "911."

As a song, though, "911" comes as the first half of a track that's succeeded by "Mr. Lonely"; both are flames:

We're guessing Tyler's got his fourth studio album, following 2015's Cherry Bomb, on the way; he's operated on a super-regular full-length-every-two-years system so far. But he's also all over the place already, having provided Bill Nye Saves the World's theme song, put together a new Adult Swim animated series and a Viceland docuseries called Nuts + Bolts.

Go inside Odd Future's Camp Flognaw with DJ Skee and Tyler, the Creator: