July 6, 2017


Blink-182's Next Album Will Be 'More Experimental'

Harmony Gerber/Getty Images
Harmony Gerber/Getty Images

Blink-182 just dropped California's deluxe edition, which they said was like "a whole other album" atop their 2016 debut with Matt Skiba, but they're already thinking ahead. “I think this album took Blink back to its roots and what it’s all about, and I think on the next record, we want to push that boundary again," Mark Hoppus tells NME, continuing

"We’ll keep the core of Blink-182 but we’ll get a little more experimental. Kind of like what we did on the untitled record, which we’re all really proud of. It still sounded like Blink and had that Blink feeling, but it was different and a little more thought out.”

Hoppus says the band's conversations about their eighth album have so far "been in very broad terms" and that they're "going to start fresh next year."

The deluxe California added a 38-minute bonus disc with 12 tracks. 

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