July 5, 2017


BTS Put a Modern-Day Spin on Classic K-Pop Song 'Come Back Home': Listen

While BTS is an undeniable key artist in the future of K-pop, the boy band is honoring one of the scene's pioneering acts with their new release.

BTS has put their own spin on the 1995 single "Come Back Home" by Seo Taiji & The Boys, the genre-shifting trio that many followers would agree laid the groundwork for the Korean-pop world we know today. Seo Taiji & The Boys are celebrating their 25-year anniversary since exploding on to Korea's music scene in 1992 and the group's leader has teamed up with a slew of artists to recreate their biggest hits. BTS honor the song's original bebop/hip-hop feel, but put a modern-day spin on the sound (trap beats and woozy synths), new vocal stylings (listen up for Jin's haunting falsetto harmonies early on in the track) and modern-day lyrics (shout out to the Drake reference). Meanwhile, the lyrics dealing with rejecting society ideals innately connect to BTS' long-standing, socially conscious messages.

The accompanying video doesn't feature the band, but instead tells a story of determination and different people working through their pain and frustrations.

Despite being a one-off remake, BTS' "Come Back Home" has already risen into the Top 100 of U.S. iTunes Top Songs chart making it all the more exciting to see what the band can accomplish when they release their new album sometime later this year.

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