July 14, 2017


Disney's 'Star Wars' Land: See the Awesome Virtual Tour

Are you ready to head to a galaxy far, far away? Well, you still have to wait awhile for Disney's Star Wars Land to open—but at least we have a little something to enjoy. The first look at the new themed land debuted at the opening day of Disney's annual D23 Expo at California's Anaheim Convention Center.

The virtual tour lasts only 26 seconds, but it's just enough to get Star Wars aficionados ready for what appears to be an incredibly vast and detailed park. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek called the attractions “immersive new worlds" and plans to reveal more details during the latter part of the D23 Expo (which runs from July 14-16). According to Uproxx, Star Wars Land will reportedly have an accompanying hotel where guests can choose to experience the "light" or "dark" side.

The news of the theme park was first revealed way back in 2015, and Disney announced in February it will officially open at Disneyland and Disney World's Hollywood Studios in 2019. The park is spending $1 billion on the project and expanding their Hollywood Studios park by 14 acres.

But don't fret about the two-year wait, Star Wars fans—at least the Han Solo movie will premiere on May 25, 2018. Ron Howard stepped in as the new director last month after previous directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord exited the project. The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street duo were reportedly fired over "creative differences over style and tone" between themselves and longtime Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan.

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