July 14, 2017


Drake & 'Game of Thrones' Meets in This Brilliant Mixtape: Listen

If you ever imagined Drake providing the soundtrack for the adventures of Westeros and Essos, here's your chance! Detroit-based rapper/producer Tony K had the brilliant idea of mashing together the artist's famous songs with Game of Thrones classic scores for Views From the Throne.

The 10-track mixtape blends songs like "Take Care," "Pound Cake," "Say Something" and "Over" with samples from Ramin Dajawadi's soundtrack that fans of the HBO series will immediately recognize. The end result is a sweeping and haunting orchestral experience that that Drake's songs to a cinematic level. If you're digging it, click here to download the Views From the Throne mixtape for free.

Tony K's project follows his Tupac vs. Game of Thrones mashup that he released last year. The producer's latest project comes just in time, as Season 7 of the show finally premieres on HBO on July 16. Check out the badass trailer here! Next, listen to the Back of the Class podcast get revved up for Game of Thrones Season 7 at the 38-minute mark: