July 12, 2017


Original 'Ghostbusters' Is a Real Horror Movie in This Trailer Edit

Mashable has chosen July 12, 2017 as the day to show us Ghostbusters as a genuine horror movie. Turns out if you tweak the score, add Stranger Things–y title cards and throw the right Instagram filter on that 1984 footage, you're well on your way.

If you start freaking out early, you really need to X out before Sigourney Weaver starts doing her Zuul shit. 

The fun Ghostbusters horror edit comes via Mashable's new series Trailer Mix, which has also done Alien as a comedy, Deadpool as Oscar-bait and My Cousin Vinny as a courtroom drama.

Watch an old-school White Guy Talk Show clip where Ernie Hudson talks about Ghostbusters superfans: