July 14, 2017


'Goosebumps' is Coming to Comics


Goosebumps fans, you're in for a treat! The iconic series by R.L. Stine is now returning–in the form of comics.

IDW Publishing has announced that they are bringing the series back this October to celebrate the original series' 25th anniversary. The first issue, titled "Monsters at Midnight," will tell the story of sisters Mia and Ginny, who anticipate a boring summer at their grandmother's house but land in anything but that when they discover a "Horrorland" in a creepy old bookshop. Writer Jeremy Lambert (Attack on Titan Anthology) and artist Chris Fenoglio (X-Files: Origins) will helm the debut issue, whose "Horrorland," is inspired by a place of the same name originally introduced in the Goosebumps book series. If the creepy cover art is any indication, Goosebumps' most famous character, Slappy the dummy, will definitely make an (unwelcome) reappearance.

Author R.L. Stine is no stranger to the comic world, making his Marvel debut just this year with a Man-Thing miniseries. You can nab "Monsters at Midnight" on October 25, just in time for Halloween. The stories will be presented in three-issue arcs, with different creative teams taking the lead for each story cycle. 

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