July 20, 2017


'Jigsaw' Trailer Continues the Terrifying Game of Life & Death: Watch

Do you wanna play a game? One of the most frightening horror movie franchises makes a welcome return, as the new Jigsaw trailer debuts today (July 20). 

The clip is filled with over two minutes of just about every scary element we've come to love from Saw: intense jump cuts, the squealing helpers donning pig masks, John Kramer's/Jigsaw Killer's devilish voice, and that creepy-as-all-hell puppet. It's also interesting to see the new games the new murderers have conjured up that intends to kill people in the most inhumane and gruesome way possible. We'd like to apologize for the imminent nightmares in advance.

Jigsaw picks up over a decade after John Kramer's death and appears to return to the franchise's original gory roots. Directed by The Spierig Brothers, it marks the first installment since 2010's Saw 3D. Look out for Jigsaw in theaters on October 27—just in time for Halloween. But before then, check out TV stars of Atlanta, Gotham and more revealing their weird fears: