July 6, 2017


Twice Talk Success So Far, Songwriting & Being a Multinational Group at KCON


While America tends to prefer its girl groups with a heavy dose of spicy sass—see Destiny's Childthe Pussycat DollsFifth Harmony—the sugary sweet ladies of Twice are making a major case for the good girls next door to take over next.

At KCON 2017 New York presented by Toyota, the nine-member troupe garnered one of the biggest responses of the night. Young girls and mature guys all showed their excitement to see Twice, rivaling the excitement they generate in Asia after they've seen their last four singles go to No. 1 in Korea and and earned some of the biggest K-pop album sales in Japan in years. "We never expected this kind of popularity," Twice leader Jihyo tells Fuse backstage at KCON before they took the stage at the massive Prudential Center. "Especially because we're a multicultural group, we initially had our worries. But despite all those worries the fans really received us with overwhelming support and love so we've been really happy with how we've been able to perform."

The multinational girl group share that they even were surprised by U.S. fans spotting them during a shopping trip the earlier day. "We were walking around the streets of New York and we also got to shop around Times Square," Dahyun shares. "We were really surprised because we met some fans who recognized us and they asked for autographs. It was really fun." In fact, members Chaeyoung and Tzuyu even met a group that does dance covers of Twice. "Because of that, we made a promise to do more and do better for our fans here," the youngest Twice member Tzuyu adds.

All the members are interested in songwriting.

Twice's Chaeyoung

Twice's performance included hits like "Knock Knock" and "TT," but the group agrees that 2016 summer single "Cheer Up" is the song they were looking forward to performing most ("Just like what the title means, it cheers up the audience and spreads positivity," says Dahyun) while they also shared their excitement to their special performance paying homage to iconic K-pop acts like Wonder Girls and miss A (Tzuyu mentions she loves WG's 2007 single "Tell Me").

Looking forward, the girls speak excitedly about their future music endeavors. "We really want to try a variety of musical styles and attempt different things," shares Jihyo, who earned her first writing credit by penning the lyrics to "Eye Eye Eyes" off the group's Signal EP alongside Chaeyoung, who adds, "I think all the members are interested in songwriting opportunities so maybe in our next album we'll be able to have more songs written by us. ['Eye Eye Eyes'] was my first time writing with Jihyo and I think that was a more positive experience [than writing by myself] because we were getting more ideas together. I really think she's a great songwriter."

With exciting promotional and creative opportunities ahead of them, the ladies are almost taken aback when I ask them to think back to what advice they would give themselves when they competed for a spot in Twice on their reality competition show Sixteen. But Dahyun chimes in with a hilarious response—"Let's go on that diet," she says deadpan—causing the whole group to laugh, further indicating that this sweet and lighthearted girl group can go as far as they want with their hard work and great attitude.