July 10, 2017


New Pennywise Bill Skarsgård Joins Stephen King Series 'Castle Rock'

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Despite having no idea what to specifically expect, Hulu's Castle Rock has us psyched. The J.J. Abrams–produced anthology series brings fans back to one of Stephen King's two most famous fictional Maine towns, and the onscreen talent is starting to stir up the tide of familiarity-waves that frequent wanderers of the SK multiverse are used to being bathed in.

Joining Castle Rock today is Bill Skarsgård, the 26-year-old Swede playing Pennywise in the upcoming big-screen It remake. Less than a month ago, Sissy Spacek, who iconically played Carrie White in the 1976 adaptation of King's debut novel, joined the show. 

The unfortunate catch here is that neither Skarsgård nor Spacek will reprise their characters devised by the master of horror. Spacek is "Ruth Deaver, the estranged adoptive mother of Henry (Moonlight's André Holland) and a retired professor whose fading memories may hold a key to Castle Rock's unsettling past." Skarsgård, who's also done Hemlock Grove and Allegiant, is simply described as "a young man with an unusual legal problem." Henry is "a death row attorney with a unique and complicated history in the town," so we're betting on a connection.

Castle Rock's 10 episodes are expected to premiere in 2018. It's also got Jane Levy (Suburgatory, Don't Breathe, the Evil Dead remake) and Melanie Lynskey (Togetherness, Two and a Half Men).

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