July 21, 2017


Official 'Marvel's Inhumans' Trailer Reflects on Mortality: Watch

Hallelujah! We finally have a real taste of what's going down in Marvel's Inhumans. Better yet, it's getting us psyched to see how the premiere will shake out once it's displayed in IMAX. 

Soundtracked by Rag'n'Bone Man's "Human," the 2-minute clip explores what it really means to be alive and how that mortality (or immortality) affects us all. We see that there's tension between the otherworldly Attilan and the humans on Earth. Maximus (played by Iwan Rheon), who we see also intends to step up as leader, wants to start a war; others don't think that's such a great idea. Especially because it turns out Maximus is "merely human" himself. Um, yikes. Good thing we have Medusa's vicious hair to set him straight! 

Marvel’s Inhumans will treat fans to a special IMAX premiere of its first two episodes on September 1, followed by its ABC premiere on September 29. For those that can't make it to the IMAX premiere, Marvel execs have revealed that the broadcast debut will feature more footage than the IMAX one. 

While you're at it, watch Marvel editori-in-chief Axel Alonso go more in-depth about MCU's 2017 plans: