July 10, 2017


Red Velvet Capture the Taste of Summer With 'Red Flavor': Watch the Video

Summer 2017 now has an official flavor... and it's...red? 

Red Velvet's new album The Red Summer is led by a spritely new single "Red Flavor" that combines all the feel-good sentiments of the season. Over a peppy pop beat, the quirky quintet describe being love in the most vibrant of terms with loads of color, fruit and drink references. The cheery-chanty melody is one of Red Velvet's more accessible tunes (compared to the spitter-spatter of "Russian Roulette" or the intoxicatingly repetitive "Rookie"), making this a super-simple-to-swallow piece of pop.

The accompanying video also plays to the refreshing summer vibe as the girls celebrate at a house party and dance in front of a backdrop of technicolor fruits. The viewer also sees the ladies seemingly interviewing humongous pieces of fruit, providing a healthy dose of wacky like their best visuals do.

"Red Flavor is the lead single off Red Velvet's new Red Summer EP that's proving to be a hit in Korea (with the song racing up the song charts) and America (the EP is charting near The Top 10 on U.S. iTunes). The release comes with five feel-good tracks including standouts like dance track "Zoo" (produced by RV's "Dumb Dumb" producers LDN Noise) and glossy, electro-pop cut "Mojito." Listen below via Apple Music:

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