July 13, 2017


Selena Gomez Drops Sensual 'Fetish' Song With Gucci Mane: Listen

Selena Gomez amps up the sex factor with her new single "Fetish," which she released last night (July 13). The pop star leans towards a slight R&B route as she teams up with Gucci Mane for the steamy tune where she muses about a lover being "hooked on my body."

"You got a fetish for my love / I push you out and you come right back / Don't see a point in blaming you / If I were you, I'd do me too," Gomez breathily coos over the chorus that is reminiscent to Halsey's sound on Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (in a great way). The accompanying audio clip with the singer mouthing the lyrics makes it all the more sensual.

Gomez also teased the upcoming, rain-filled music video on Instagram. "Fetish" was produced by Jonas Jeberg (for Big Noize Productions LLC) & The Futuristics. It comes after the cheeky, Talking Heads-sampling "Bad Liar." There's no release date for her upcoming third album as of now, but songwriter Justin Tranter describes it as "very sexy, very smart and right where we left off the last time.”

Below, watch an old-school Fuse interview with the singer about being a role model: