July 18, 2017


Watch James Franco as 'The Room' Star Tommy Wiseau in 'The Disaster Artist' Trailer

Oh hi, Mark!

If you've ever wondered how a movie like The Room ever got made, look no further than The Disaster Artist, a movie from A24 Studios about... making a movie

James Franco is the infamous Tommy Wiseau, who wrote, directed, produced, executived produced and starred in The Room, a 2003 movie that's about... well, you just have to see it to believe it. 

Along with a sneak peek at Franco's tousled black strands, the trailer also reveals a glimpse at Dave Franco as Mark, The Room's goofy second leading man, and Seth Rogan as a deadpan director. If you need reference for the trailer scene, see the original iconic moment below.

The Disaster Artist is based off a book of the same name by Tom Bissell and Greg Sestero (who starred as Mark in The Room.) You can see the film later this year when it releases December 1.

Next, check out another infamous character James Franco has portrayed, Riff Raff, talk balancing his party lifestyle with his music career: