July 27, 2017


First Official 'It' Remake Trailer: Hear New Pennywise's Creepy Voice

Fuse has been closely following the new It movie's progress for months, and today is a big day for horror fans. Warner Bros. Pictures just released the first official trailer for the retelling of the Stephen King classic and we. are. shook! In the new It trailer (watch above) we see more of the new Pennywise the clown than ever before and even hear his voice for the first time!

In March the movie's first teaser trailer was released and did just that: teased us with quick shots of the terrifying clown. In this new full trailer we see much more of Pennywise, including in full attack mode, chasing Richie, played by Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard, in what seems like an attic full of creepy clowns. Plus, an easter egg for fans of the original 1990 TV movie: at 2:15 there's a clown doll that looks a lot like the original Pennywise.

When news first hit of this new version of It we were, like most fans of the book and 1990 TV movie, apprehensive. After today's full first trailer, we can safely say we're excited for this new It movie and fully expecting the new Pennywise to make us hate clowns all over again. Don't miss It when it hits theaters September 8.

Think your fear of clowns is weird? Below, TV stars from Gotham, Atlanta, Ray Donovan and more reveal their weirdest fears to Fuse: