August 22, 2017


'American Horror Story: Cult' Trailer: Watch Sarah Paulson Freak Out Over Trump Becoming President

The American Horror Story: Cult news just keeps rolling in! The latest is the most exciting thus far, as FX dropped the Season 7 trailer on the series' official website.

It kicks off in Michigan during last year's election night, with Ally Mayfair-Richards (played by Sarah Paulson) legitimately freaking out after seeing the results that Trump will be the next president. Her reaction is juxtaposed by the blue-haired Kai (Evan Peters), who humps his television with excitement over the election. We then get a peek inside the lives of Paulson's character, who is married to Ivy (Allison Pill). 

Scream Queens star Billie Lourd is also introduced as Winter, who gets hired as the couple's nanny at the hands of Kai (he's seemingly obsessive over Ally). She even gifts their son a Twisty the Clown doll, which clearly doesn't help matters. Returning AHS cast member Cheyenne Jackson appears as Dr. Rudy Vincent, a therapist who tries to help Ally get over her intense fear of clowns.

Look out for the American Horror Story: Cult season premiere on Sept. 5. But before then, check out our complete guide of Season 7 and then watch TV stars of Atlanta, Gotham and more reveal their weird fears with Fuse below: