November 16, 2017


'American Horror Story' Seasons Ranked (So Far) From Worst to Best

#1'Hotel' (Season 5)

Let's face it people: 2015's Hotel was just not good! The idea sounded thrilling at first, with the series returning to classic horror themes that is set at Los Angeles' tortured Hotel Cortez. The loss of Jessica Lange was the first blow to the show's potential, where Lady Gaga took her place as one of the season's main characters (and won a Golden Globe for her role as The Countess). Save for the demented Drilldo, Evan Peters getting to play a drastically different character as James March and Sarah Paulson's criminally underused role as Hypodermic Sally, there wasn't enough thematic meat to carry Hotel strong up until the vapid season finale. This was also the second season following Freak Show that was interconnected to previous ones, with Coven's Queenie, Murder House's Dr. Charles Montgomery and more popping up. But it felt more forced than exciting. 

Despite some missteps in previous AHS seasons, at least they took chances. Hotel was just boring. The only memorable aspect of Hotel was the dazzling fashion and architecture, but it wasn't enough to make up for a flat storyline.

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