August 18, 2017


Brand New Completes Surprise Comeback With Release of First Album Since 2009

Brand New's comeback is complete. 

Just two days after announcing that the band's fifth studio album would drop in October, Brand New decided to surprise fans on Aug. 17 by making it available to download immediately for $9

Fans who had pre-ordered the album, titled Science Fiction, on Aug. 15 mysteriously received physical CDs two days later. Amid the immediate confusion, Brand New released the album cover, 12-song track list and download link via social media. See the cover art and song names below. 

Science Fiction is the band's first new album since 2009's Daisy, which peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200. Since then, Brand New released non-album singles "Mene" in 2015 and "I Am a Nightmare" in 2016.

Here's the Science Fiction track list, cover art and link to download the album:

1. Lit Me Up / 2. Can't Get It Out / 3. Waste / 4. Could Never Be Heaven / 5. Same Logic/Teeth / 6. 137 / 7. Out of Mana / 8. In the Water / 9. Desert / 10 .No Control / 11. 451 / 12. Batter Up

How do you think Brand New's album covers stacks up against some of the best ones from 2017?