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Fifth Harmony's 'Fifth Harmony' Album: 10 Times the Ladies Were Unafraid to Take Ownership

The girl group's third album (and their first as a quartet) finds them becoming even more secure as women who know exactly what they want

1 / 10


There ain't no kind of situation
Where I wouldn't cross a line for you
FBI interrogation
I would get up there and lie for you

Best played when: You're ready to get serious with a potential bae.

2 / 10

"He Like That"

You put that bass in the beat, won't you beat it up inside it?
I got that pumps and a bump and you know you wanna try it 

Best played when: You're thissss close to scoring that guy who's posted up in the corner at the summer party.

3 / 10

"Sauced Up"

Your flow, no go
Don't you know I'm fluent in the bro-code?
I can make you come up off the bands though
Drop a couple, show me what you came for (Ah)

Best played when: You know no one can touch just how flossy you are.

4 / 10

"Make You Mad"

It's in the night, I hear you call in the midnight hour
That’s when I come alive
Turn out the light, now you're gon' feel my power
Can't take the heat, coming from the inside out (Whoa)

Best played when: You're mixing up your potion to lock down the guy you always wanted.

5 / 10


On your doorstep like UPS, won't send it back
You're hard to please, just like me and I'll give you that (I'll give you that)
I'll give you something that you wanna unpack
You can say I'm reliable like that

Best played when: You're getting way too horny and need your man to put it down just the way you like it.

6 / 10

"Lonely Night"

Yeah, if you don't learn your lesson
You gon' get yourself in permanent detention
You want my love and affection
Then you better make a good impression
Get ya, get ya, get ya shit together (Uh huh)
Get ya, get ya, get ya shit together (Uh huh)
Yeah, I got 20/20 vision (20/20)
That's the reason I'mma keep my distance

Best played when: You see through all his lies and have to show him for the final time that you're not going to put up with the games anymore.

7 / 10

"Don't Say You Love Me"

Don't say you miss me when you don't call
And don't say you're hurting without the scars
Don't promise me tonight without tomorrow too
Don't say you love me unless you do

Best played when: You're tired of getting your heart broken and need to set the ground rules before getting into another serious relationship.

8 / 10


We was just a moment, nothing serious
Never really paid you no mind
Dropped the bag, started paying attention

Best played when: It's just that time to kick your annoying fuckboy to the curb for good.

9 / 10


I can be hard to handle
Dance around the house with nothin' but the radio on
I can be such a scandal, runnin' at the mouth
Then crying on the bedroom floor

Best played when: Your newfound confidence has helped you come to terms with your insecurities, and you've accepted them fully.

10 / 10


And I know the world can be cold, we can't let it divide us
There's something inside us, a power that grows
There's something beautiful in the flaws in all we are
Something calling all of us and it says

Best played when: You need an anthem to help fight for injustices and inequality that we're facing under the current state of America.


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