August 27, 2017


Fifth Harmony Sings Beyoncé's 'Sandcastles' & 4 More Moments From 5H's Live Stream

Smallz & Raskind/Getty Images Portrait
Smallz & Raskind/Getty Images Portrait

"This is just the beginning," Ally Brooke told her fellow Fifth Harmony sisters onstage at the group's album release party in Los Angeles, signaling a fresh start for the foursome. After partying the night away with family and friends, they got a few hours of sleep before waking up for a special surprise.

During a Facebook live stream (watch it at the bottom of this post), Ally, Dinah, Lauren and Normani surprised several super fans, who thought they were at Facebook's offices only to audition for a chance to interview Fifth Harmony at a later date. The moment was captured in the live stream, hosted by Fuse contributor Brian Anthony Hernandez, who followed up the surprise with an entertaining Q&A at FBLA.

Here are the five best moments from the Q&A with Fifth Harmony, including the moment 5H walked in on the unsuspecting Harmonizers, who were handpicked by Epic Records with help from @5HonTour.

1. 5H sings part of Beyoncé's 'Sandcastles' and picks their favorite cover songs

Responding to super fan and contest winner Kat's question about whether they will start doing cover songs again for the next tour, Ally replied, "We have ideas. We've been talking about it." Kat then said she'd want to hear them cover Beyoncé's "Sandcastles," so the ladies sang some of the ballad (fast-forward to the 0:58 second mark to hear the impromptu singing session and their picks for best 5H cover). 

2. 5H cries while delivering heartfelt messages to their parents

In Fifth Harmony's new song "Lonely Night," the ladies sing, "if you don’t treat your momma right, buh-bye.” They obviously have mad respect for their parents, so when given the opportunity to look at the camera and tell their parents what their loving support has meant since the group formed in 2012, each member got super emotional. There were tears. "My mom, I truly do love her. She's everything to me, and I hope to become everything she is," Dinah tearfully said after revealing her mom is currently pregnant.

3. 5H reacts to MTV's gender-neutral changes for the Video Music Awards

Fifth Harmony, who will perform at the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 27, just discovered that MTV got rid of gender-specific categories, meaning female nominees and male nominees will compete together for the first time, and changed the coveted "moon man" statuette to "moon person" for this year's VMAs.

"Fuck yeah, MTV, I didn't even notice because that's the way it should be," Lauren proclaimed.

4. 5H discusses optimistic political song 'Bridges' 

Lauren elaborated on 5H's "Bridges": "We don't support the devision, we don't support choosing to tell a certain type of people they're not important or that they should be detained or put in a different area or that they can't come into our country. We're not like that and people shouldn't be like that. We should be inviting. We should be building bridges of connectivity. Yes, we do come from two different places, but the bridge is symbolic of being able to connect in the middle. We're different, but we should be united."

5. 5H surprises their fans at Facebook in Los Angeles

Fast-forward to 4:45 to see Fifth Harmony walk into a room of unsuspecting Harmonizers.