August 23, 2017


Dave Grohl's Daughters Levitate in Foo Fighters' 'The Sky Is a Neighborhood' Video

It's a family affair in the Foo Fighters' video for "The Sky Is a Neighborhood." Directed by frontman Dave Grohl, the Peter Pan-esque video stars Grohl's kids, who are annoyed by the band's rooftop antics. 

The daughters read a storybook filled with the song's lyrics before the book magically helps them levitate inside their bedroom while their dad and bandmates rock out on the roof. 

The song is the second single from the Foo Fighters' upcoming Concrete and Gold album. Due out Sept. 15, the new album is the band's ninth studio effort and the follow-up to 2014's Sonic Highways.

For more Grohl goodness, watch this 2011 interview from Fuse's On the Record special: