August 22, 2017


Good Charlotte's 'War' Video: Watch As Two Outcasts Become Friends

Good Charlotte shared their new video for "War," which will take you back to your angsty pre-teen days. The Youth Authority deep cut finds the band digging into their classic pop-punk roots, and the video's main star drives the emotive message home.

It follows a young boy who is trying to find his way through life as he deals with family tension at home and not being able to fit in as he continuously hangs out alone. But he soon finds a friend in another outcast who gets knocked down by a classmate at an arcade. The video ends with the pair jamming out on guitars together. "War" is the latest track to get a visual following "Keep Swingin'" and last September's "Life Changes."

Youth Authority, Good Charlotte's sixth album, was released on July 15, 2016. Next, check out Waterparks praise the insightful advice their Good Charlotte friends have given them (while playing a fun game of Draw That Band):