August 3, 2017


Justin Bieber Releases Revealing Letter To Explain Why He Canceled His Tour

Kevin Winter?Getty Images
Kevin Winter?Getty Images

Justin Bieber has broken his silence. After abruptly canceling the remainder of his Purpose World Tour, Bieber left fans asking, "Why?" Was it due to fatigue from performing 150 shows on six continents within 18 months? Was it related to the 23-year-old singer's mental health? Was it religious reasons?

The pop star's team chalked it up to "unforeseen circumstances" in a vague statement after the July 24 cancellation, but on Wednesday night (Aug. 2) Bieber gave his Beliebers a more detailed explanation. 

In this revealing letter Bieber posted on Instagram, he acknowledges his growing pains, explains how he wants a sustainable career and expresses his desire to eventually be a good husband and father:

"Me taking this time right now is me saying I want to be SUSTAINABLE," Bieber wrote. "I want my career to be sustainable, but I also want my mind, heart and soul to be sustainable. So that I can be the man I want to be, the husband I eventually want to be and the father I want to be."

After Bieber cancelled his tour last month, with just 14 stops remaining, several musicians defended his decision, citing the importance of mental health. John Mayer said, "When someone pulls remaining dates of a tour, it means they would have done real damage to themselves if they kept going. We've lost so many great artists lately. I give Justin [thumbs up] for realizing it was time to call it. You should too." 

Celebrate #TBT with this classic Fuse interview of Bieber talking about his Beliebers: