August 31, 2017


VIXX Share 'Shangri-La' Video Secrets, New Group and Solo Plans: KCON 2017 LA Interview

2017 marked VIXX's fourth time performing at KCON with this year's record-breaking Los Angeles date marking an interesting time in the band's history. The full, six-member group had recently wrapped promotions of their stunning, exotic-EDM exploring Shangri-La album in May—featuring K-pop's best music video of the year so far—with their KCON performance taking place just days before members Ravi and Leo made their return as VIXX LR. Yet with already so much on their schedules, VIXX also revealed plans for both more individual, unit and group work during a backstage chat with Fuse where the band appeared more relaxed than ever as they all were dressed in comfortable-yet-stylish button-up shirts and jeans.

From behind-the-scenes secrets from the "Shangri-La" music video to who's gearing up to release solo music next, VIXX spills all with Fuse in our interview below. Don't miss all things KCON right here.

FUSE: Let's start with your most recent comeback with "Shangri-La." I was so impressed by the hand fan choreography and the fact you were performing in pools of water. Take us behind the scenes of filming that.
Hyuk: There's a scene where we had to film on top of water and because our dance incorporates fans, we had a lot of re-dos because the fans would get wet. Also, we had some minor accidents where members would end up slipping—especially N would slip frequently so we constantly had to do edits and re-filmings. [Laughs]
Hongbin: The most important thing is that you have to get used to the grip of the fan. Our members would carry our fans everywhere, and when we would warm up for practices we would do so by working different fan choreographies. After practicing opening and closing the fans, we would then begin our dance rehearsal. We got really close to our fans. 

Everywhere? I'm imagining you guys bringing it to the gym and lifting weights with your fans. Taking it to a cafe...
N: [Laughs] We couldn't bring along our "Shangri-La" fans because we didn't want any spoilers to happen! But at least we had the fans on hot days when we could cool ourselves down.

And the water could cool you down too! Did you see GFriend also had a choreography in their "Love Whisper" video where they perform in water?
 [Looks around at other members] But VIXX was first! [Group laughs]

Lippin Group/KCON
Lippin Group/KCON

Moving to the now, VIXX LR is making their return after two years. What makes this release special?
It's been two years and we're really glad that everyone's so excited about it. We really tried to represent VIXX's vibrant colors in this album. Our past albums were focused more on each member's personal songs rather than our group color. While we will continue having more individual works, we are putting together on an album that is trendy and up to date where the two of us produced and worked on all of the songs.

And looking to the future, will VIXX debut more sub-units or solo projects?
As of now, a lot of us are individually involved in dramas or musicals. Within VIXX, VIXX LR is our group that shows a new side of VIXX both musically and characteristically. Hopefully in the future, other members too will be able to follow their own passions and work in units that show off their own colors. Hyuk is working on a lot of new stuff too, and hopes to perform for his fans soon.

And lastly, what else can we look forward to from VIXX while you're here in Los Angeles and down the line in 2017 or 2018?
It's been a long time since we were last here. We actually had fans waiting and welcoming us at the airport, and so we thought we should really return their welcomes by putting on a great show. We're happy that we have the chance to talk to our fans who live so far away, and the fact that we can perform our new music for them makes us feel excited. While LR will continue to perform, VIXX too will continue the constant pace we've kept. We're preparing to show you guys a new, refreshing concept and album, and we hope you guys are looking forward to it!

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