Chance the Rapper Reigns Over His Kingdom at Huge Hometown Show at Lollapalooza 2017

While the title of standout performance of Lollapalooza 2017 is technically still up for grabs, the final performers have a lot to compete with after Chance the Rapper's humongous headlining set to close down Day 3 of the Chicago fest. Even in the hours leading up to the MC's set, attendees and folks backstage were talking about record-breaking numbers and a set that would rival some of Lolla's most iconic sets from Pearl Jam in 1992, Lady Gaga in 2010 or Eminem in 2014.

The grandiosity of the occasion was felt from the moment things began with a video montage of Chance's career and life highlights featuring shoutouts from Michelle Obama, performing and winning at the GRAMMYs, leading a Black Lives Matter protest in Chicago and more. Soon enough, Chance flew in on a motorcycle and an explosion of pyro to make his entrance, opening with cuts off his masterpiece mixtape Coloring Book like "Blessings" and "Angels."

Chance didn't spend a ton of time chatting with the crowd at first, but that was hardly necessary. Anytime the 24-year-old yelled something as simple as "Chicago!" the crowd erupted into cheers, taking in every moment of the set that not only showed off CTR's varying rap and singing skills, but also his penchant for striking visuals as technicolor screens gave him and his signature baseball cap a regal-like silhouette.