August 5, 2017


Tegan and Sara Had Lollapalooza's Most Inclusive Show

Barry Brecheisen/WireImage
Barry Brecheisen/WireImage

At at time in our country when many minorities and marginalized groups of people are feeling distraught and worried, leave it to Tegan and Sara to make sure that literally everyone felt included at their set at Lollapalooza Day 2

The folk sister duo never got overtly political, but instead found ways to promote equality of all sexes, ages, sexualities, and the overall Lolla crowd in general. Tegan and Sara opened with their debut single "Back in Your Head" from 2007 before moving into "How Come You Don't Want Me" from 2013's Heartthrob. The theme of the night was set when Sara yelled, "This is going out to the VIP" ahead of the first verse, before later adding, "This verse is for the general population!"

The singers focused on the entire crowd, making sure both the right and left side of the crowd were screaming equally loud, with Sara having a particular fondness for the small VIP section, giving the two dozen or so attendees a ton of shoutouts through the set. At one point, Sara even ran down into the crowd to go hug and say hey to a few VIPs...but then made sure to go high-five a ton of people in the first rows of the right and lefthand sides of the stages—a decision Tegan declared "politically, a smart move."

T&S continued on their set with classics like "Nineteen" ("I want to dedicate this to my fellow 19-year-olds," Tegan joked. "You'll never be as young as you are now"), and their most recent single "Boyfriend" (their subtle queer anthem that the band introduced by saying, "This one's for all of you!"). But the duo kept the crowd equally entertained with their onstage banter, at one point commenting on the rain evacuation that cut Lorde's short set ("I wish we could bring Lorde out, but we don't know her") and the aerial advertising for Trojan Bareskin Condoms (Sara specifically mentioned she imagined a woman was flying the plane touting the condom banner being advertised above the crowd). Tegan and Sara also gave a special treat to their longtime superfans in the audience, confirming they'd be coming to Chicago on Nov. 4 as part of their acoustic tour celebrating the 10-year anniversary of The Con.

"We had so much fun at our third Lollapalooza," Tegan told the crowd before moving into final song "Closer," adding, "We'll be back in November and Sara is really a people person who really likes the VIP. Those are the big takeaways." But perhaps the biggest takeaway was that all are invited to Tegan and Sara's shows, not only to dance and laugh from their onstage antics, but feel like you're being seen at a time when lots of people need that additional comfort making their set the most inclusive and safe at the festival.

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