August 6, 2017


A Minute-by-Minute Breakdown of Zara Larsson's Best Vocals at Lollapalooza 2017

Michael Hickey/Getty Images
Michael Hickey/Getty Images

We haven't stopped gushing about seeing Zara Larsson play her very-first U.S. festival at Lollapalooza 2017 this weekend and we've finally gathered ourselves together to truly put together why she blew us away. From starting a tiny bit at her 3:15PM start at the Lake Shore stage, we went clocked the best vocal minutes minute by minute to prove why she's provided some of the best vocals of the entire festival weekend.

3:18PM — Without having duet partner MNEK with her, Zara nailed a solo version of "Never Forget You," owning the growl that MNEK would usually sing on the line, "It’s clear to see that time hasn’t changed a thing."

3:20PM — A gorgeous belt began the final chorus of "What They Say," the introduction track on her recently released So Good album, as she declared a heartfelt,' "'Cause I believe in you." 

3:28PM — The second chorus of her Tinie Tempah collaboration "Girls Like" was delivered was a fiercer gusto than one would expect to hear on the house-y track.

3:30PM — Zara roared through her first chorus on the David Guetta EDM collaboration "This One's for You," raising her hands as if delivering a sermon atop a hill.

3:35PM — Her single "Don't Let Me Be Yours," which was co-written with Ed Sheeran, got mashed with Sheeran's own "Shape of You" for an unexpectedly great mashup.

3:37PM — But Zara made "DLMBY" all her own on the final, impassioned chorus of the honest pop cut.

3:38PM — After dedicating her female-empowerment anthem "Make That Money" to all the "queens" the audience, Zara made sure to emphasize the word "celebrate" on the bridge's anthemic "We gon' celebrate, party everyday / One love, that's all I ever wanted / We can conquer hate."

3:42PM — One of Larsson's belts became more of a yip on the final chorus of crowd favorite "TG4M," varying up her different vocal approaches.

3:44PM — But not every vocal moment had to be huge and powerful. The soft, tender plea of the lyric "Please don't fall in love without me" off "I Can't Fall in Love Without You" hit viewers right in their gut.

3:50PM — '90s-inspired "I Would Like" is full of fun, humongous belts and Larsson made sure the final "Woaaah!" belt in the cut stuck the hardest.

3:54PM — The run of no's before the final chorus of "Ain't My Fault" gave us Christina Aguilera teas.

4:00PM — During some stage banter, Zara made our best vocal moments by telling the audience, "This is such a great crowd. From here it looks like you're having fun, but also being respectful" which was important to the young singer who expressed the need for women to feel safe at concerts.

4:01PM — The first belt in the chorus of her epic Clean Bandit collaboration "Symphony" felt more like a battle cry for her fans to join in with her on her mission to global domination.

4:04PM — The last major vocal moment came during a mesmerizing vocal run at the end of "Symphony" proving how this girl is not only leading the way when it comes to the next generation of vocalists, but she can pull it off with ease.

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