August 15, 2017


Melanie Martinez's Next Album Will Come With a Feature Film To Visually Link Every Track

Adam Elmakias
Adam Elmakias

Two years ago, Melanie Martinez introduced the world to her vulnerable Cry Baby character on her debut album, Cry Baby, and its subsequent music videos. Now, Cry Baby's journey will continue in a "feature film" that will be released in tandem with her upcoming sophomore album. 

The film will connect all of the album's 13 songs into one long visual experience, similar to Beyoncé's approach for her past two critically acclaimed visual albums, Beyoncé and Lemonade

"It’s all of the videos together of the next record, all thirteen, with dialogue and whatnot in between connecting all of them together, and I’m directing it and writing it and styling it and doing the makeup," Martinez, 22 told Billboard in an Aug. 15 interview. She tweeted the story like this (lol):

Martinez previously told Fuse last year that she wanted to make a music video for every song on this second album: "For the next record, it's about this place in the town Cry Baby lives in; it's about Cry Baby's experience in this place from beginning to end and it's also introducing new characters."

Watch that full interview from Lollapalooza 2016 right here: