August 15, 2017


'Molly's Game' Trailer: Watch Jessica Chastain Transform into the Badass 'Poker Princess'

Jessica Chastain may just get the Oscar she deserves for Molly's Game, the anticipated movie written and directed (for the first time) by Aaron Sorkin. We're introduced to Molly Bloom (Chastain), a sultry Olympic-class skier who quickly becomes the "Princess of Poker."

The trailer then throws you into a dangerous world of high-stakes poker played by the hands of big celebrities and industry ballers, which is an empire all controlled by Bloom. She soon gets arrested by the FBI following her illegal business practices. Idris Elba plays Charlie Jaffey, Bloom's criminal defense lawyer. Kevin Costner also stars as her father Larry, along with Brian d'Arcy James, Chris O'Dowd and Michael Cera.

Look out for Molly's Game in theaters on Nov. 22. Sorkin's directorial debut follows his screenwriting and production on The Social Network, Moneyball and Steve Jobs. Next, watch Adrian Grenier reflect on his first Role and Michael Ian Black on his first stand-up set as part of Fuse's My First Gig series: