August 18, 2017


Watch Nathan Sharp Put a Fresh Twist on Charlie Puth's 'Attention': Premiere

In his journey as a rising musician, Nathan Sharp has gone widespread with his craft to show multiple sides of his musicianship and reach as many people as possible. The 28-year-old singer, voice actor and gaming lover—a.k.a. NateWantsToBattle—has already released pump-up punk with his band, snagged millions of streams for his original songs and covers on Spotify, and earned hundreds of million of views with his movie and anime–inspired videos on YouTube. Now, his story continues with his latest release that shows his versatility to make a well-known pop song have a fresh, new dimension. 

Fuse is proud to premiere Sharp's new cover of "Attention," the Charlie Puth hit that just jumped into the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 this week. While it's known by most as a biting kiss-off track to an ex-girlfriend, Sharp brings in Cristina Vee—a fellow voice actress who's known for her work in cartoons and video games and English anime dubs—brings a female perspective to the song. Now, with two sides to the story, "Attention" gets a new dimension as the duo represent the all-too-familiar unspoken frustrations that come with a relationship. Watch above.

"'Attention' by Charlie Puth seemed like a very different but somehow appropriate song for me to cover," Sharp tells Fuse of his new cover. "I don't venture out into the pop realm too often on my channel and when I do I normally put a rock twist on it. I recently started working more with Cristina Vee on music so when I heard the track, the timing seemed to really fit. Not to mention it's a Top 40 song that comes from an amazing artist whose origins were also on YouTube. Plus it's a banger of a track! There were just so many aspects that made covering this one a no-brainer."

Nate released his Sandcastle Kingdoms album (inspired by his love for My Chemical RomanceFall Out Boy and Pierce the Veil, among others) in March. Fans can look forward to visuals to accompany each song from the LP throughout the year, as well as more covers like "Attention." Next, watch what it's like attending Comic Con with a veteran and a virgin attendee: