August 15, 2017


Riz Ahmed Performs Gripping 'Sour Times' Spoken Word in Wake of Charlottesville on 'Fallon': Watch

Riz Ahmed's appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon transformed into a powerful and necessary moment on Monday night (Aug. 14). The actor/rapper/activist spit a commanding spoken word piece titled “Sour Times."

"In light of the current events that are going on it just seems like we're living in really divided times, and it turns," Ahmed explained as he referenced the harrowing white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. "I wrote this piece 10 years ago and every year I keep hoping it would become irrelevant, but it seems to become more and more relevant sadly." He then headed to the stage as he began to unveil his rhymes with additional new lyrics.

The actor rapped as he brought up Donald Trump,

"The truth is, terrorism ain't what you think it is / There ain't no supervillain planning these attacks from some base / The truth is so much scarier and harder to face / See, there's thousands of angry young men that are lost / Sidelined in the economy, a marginal cost / They think there's no point in putting ballots up in the box / They got no place in the system and no faith in its cause... The way that Trump talks, gives a lost boy a cause."

Late night television served as a public service announcement with Fallon, along with Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden and Seth Meyers, targeting Trump's unwillingness to help the racial matters in their opening monologues. “After two days of relentless public pressure, the president finally got around to saying specifically that Nazis are bad,” Meyers candidly said. “It shouldn’t take longer for the president to do the right thing than it takes to get a package from Amazon. In fact, it would have taken less time to literally order a DVD copy of Do the Right Thing.”

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