August 9, 2017


The Fourth Kingdom Lead the Next Boy Band Wave With 'Broken': Video Premiere

If history is any indication, we're due for another boy band takeover. 

Every five years or so, a new group of heartthrobs break in America, see New Kids on the Block (which began their reign in the late '80s), which was followed by the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC era (that started in the mid-'90s and broke records into the early '00s), the tradition was kept strong by the Jonas Brothers (who formed in the mid-2000s) and most recently kept going by One Direction and The Wanted (who simultaneously topped the charts starting in 2010). Now in 2017, we're bound for the next era and we're excited to bring you The Fourth Kingdom as your next potential obsession.

Fuse is proud to premiere "Broken" by The Fourth Kingdom (formerly known as State of Mind) which is the act's first U.S. single and sets the Belgium boy band apart for its mature and dark sound. Watch above to see why Sebastian, Jaxon, Shane and Kyle—who originally competed on The Voice Belgium together—have garnered such a passionate fanbase across Europe and get the first taste of their America takeover by watching their new video here first.

"We shot the 'Broken' video in New York in April on a rainy, dark, misty day," 4TK tell Fuse of their new visual. "The video director Tone V wanted to capture the vibe of the song, which is about the hurt of losing the one you love, the breaking up of that relationship: You know your girl is cheating on you, but you go through the motions of denial and sometimes the reality is too hard to deal with, but at the end you realize that she is not worth it and you break it off. At the end of the shoot, we felt like this is what we captured in this video."

The Fourth Kingdom is currently working on new material in New York and Los Angeles. Keep your eye out for more from 4TK all summer, including the upcoming song "Ready Set Go" featuring Nicki Minaj, and below check out their recently released Flo Rida collaboration "Always Need You":