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SPOILER WARNING: Do not read this unless you've already seen Episode 11, "Great Again," of American Horror Story season 7.

EPISODE 11: Congratulations, everyone! We made it to the finale somewhat unscarred and unscathed...and it was worth every minute of cringeworthy moments, "WTF" gasps and frustrated fandom. Before we get too ahead of ourselves in all this bittersweet excitement, let's start from the beginning of last night's episode. It confusingly opens with Kai in prison as he continues his creepy pinky rituals and human blood sacrifices. It turns out he's been locked up for the past 11 months and we find out the reason why deeper into the episode.

A flashback takes us to the Night of a Thousand Tates where Kai settles for killing 100 pregnant women instead of a thousand. But his plan fails to come to fruition once Ally steps in...after fatally stabbing Speedwagon (who turned out to be a state police informant). The newly badass Ally manages to sneak outside the cult house and signals the freaking Feds to rush in—officially ending Kai's twisted reign. Ally then tries to settle into a normal life by getting a new girlfriend, taking care of Oz, befriending Beverly and running for Senate! Now this is where the magic happens! After Kai manages to escape from prison on some seriously gross Silence of the Lambs-inspired shenanigans, he comes knocking on the door of Ally's political debate. It turns out Gloria, the prison guard Kai has been screwing, was actually on Ally's side all along and helped lure him into this death trap! “You were wrong. There is something more dangerous in this world than a humiliated man? A nasty woman," Ally brilliantly utters, making this incredible season come full circle with a HRC reference. Then Beverly swoops in to blow Kai's brains out! The scene is truly poetic. After Ally predictably wins the election, the finale ends with a delicious twist as she pulls over a cloak that is very similar to the one former S.C.U.M. leader Valerie Solanas wore. I guess it's time for Ally to carry on the tradition and lead her own female-fronted cult!

Season 7 wrapped up beautifully and we can wait to see what Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk do for the next season. Maybe we'll finally get the Murder House/Coven crossover they've been continuously teasing...

EPISODE 10: Man, the penultimate episode of Cult was a little too much to take! As much as it was a hot sloppy mess, it gave us some wild twists that made us more than excited for next week's finale. The first came courtesy of a flashback where Kai, Winter and her friends are watching the 2016 debate with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. One of the girls (who is a HRC supporter) and Kai get into a political debacle that ends up with Kai smacking her in the face. This leads to him getting treatment for anger management and his shrink just happens to be none other than...freaking Bebe!!

It turns out that Bebe is the one who lured Kai into starting the cult in the first place and singlehandedly fueled his sexist and murderous rage. Classy! Then we are shoved back into present day where Kai continues his bedtime stories about all of his favorite cult leaders. So who did his cult members learn about today? The infamous Charles Manson. The episode quickly takes a dark turn as Sarah Paulson, Leslie Grossman and Billy Eichner play members of the Manson Family who were responsible for murdering Sharon Tate and others in 1969. The ghost of Manson (who Evan Peters brilliantly portrays) later comes back to haunt Kai as he completely loses his mind while trying to uncover the mole in the cult.

After Ally (who is all of a sudden a total emotionless, gun-wielding badass) shoots Bebe in cold blood, a death that pretty much all of us predicted wraps up this episode. Kai accuses his sister Winter of planting the "bug" and proceeds to choke her to death while bawling his eyes out. This raw scene quickly becomes one of the most uncomfortable death scenes in AHS history. So while we say goodbye to Winter, Ally figures out who the real mole is. “Hello, Speedwagon,” she says as he takes of the wire he's been wearing in his car. Uh oh...

EPISODE 9: Okay guys, where the heck do we begin with this wild joyride of an episode?! "Drink The Kool-Aid" begins with a disturbing history lesson as Kai tells the stories of three real-life cult members that he admires Marshall Applewhite, David Koresh and Jim Jones (all immaculately played by Evan Peters). We then are shoved back into reality where Ally, Ivy and Winter are reading a guide on how to escape a cult (thanks Google!) But before then can pack their bags, Kai's blue-shirted cult barges in the Mayfair-Richards' house as their divine leader had something deadly planned.

What was supposed to be a Kool-Aid drinking party inspired by Jim Jones actually turns out to be a suicide mission fakeout, as Kai only wanted to test which members of his cult was willing to stick things out to the end. What makes the scene so disturbing is not only the leader's self-assurance, but the way the once strong-willed Beverly completely loses her mind. Man, talk about sick humor! The madness continues when Kai kidnaps Ozzy and somehow convinces the little boy that he's his father. After a few threats, the Mayfair-Richards decide to leave their son with Kai so that they can have some alone time. Now this is where things get good...

It turns out that Ally had a set plan all along and had no wills to reunite with her wife. Instead, Ally wants Ivy dead—which she does by stealthily poisoning her wine with arsenic. Ally, who was once a desperate and annoying character on Cult finally grew some substance and has become almost as twisted as the leader she once feared! She then heads to the clinic to bribe the receptionist to give her the files to see if Kai is really the sperm donor. It turns out he isn't (thank goodness!). But when the pair have a Manwich dinner (while...flirting?!), Ally gives Kai the medical file that has been edited to show that he's falsely the father. Hmm, what does she have coming? At the end of the episode Ally is reunited with Ozzy as Kai hugs them both and creepily utters, “Now we can be a real family.”

EPISODE 8: Have you recovered from last night's episode yet? Granted, it started off quite slow with a bland storyline where Kai's army of blue-shirted sexist creeps chastise Ivy, Beverly and Winter as they are forced to serve them meals at The Butchery. Beverly, being the badass she is (and the rightful cult leader, honestly) has had enough and warns the ladies that she will go after Kai and shut his plan down. Yet Winter assures her that isn't the right move. And this is where things get interesting...

A flashback to 2015 reveals that Winter and Kai met with another cult leader in his sick lair of torture. They meet with Pastor Charles (played by Rick Springfield!) to explore the "Judgement House," which is filled with traps that seemingly draw inspiration from the horror trap master: The Jigsaw Killer. There is a woman in stirrups who is profusely bleeding from an abortion while a drug addict is forcefully being pumped the drugs that he used to take. While Pastor Charles thought he was "saving" these victims, it turns out they were just fine. So Kai decides to kill him with his own torture trap, therefore sparking the initial flame that will make him a future cult leader.

The episode gets even darker with a particular sex scene that further drives home just how twisted Kai is. He explains to his sister Winter that they need to give birth to a Messiah. “I love our family—the one we’re going to make," he says. But according to him it won't be incest as Samuel will impregnate her while Kai has sex with Samuel. *Cue the "Sure Jan" gif here* The scene is boundary-pushing but is saved from being too disgusting as All-4-One's "I Swear" hilariously plays in the background. Winter doesn't go through with the ritual though (thank goodness!) and is then punished by Kai, who gives her a diet of gruel and makes her pick up trash.

But let's fast forward to the best part of the episode that made everyone shout "WTF!" out loud. The twist ending that saved the entire night came courtesy of Ally, making us root for her character once again. After the death of Samuels and Dr. Vincent (thanks Beverly and Kai) and taking Beverly to the isolation chamber, each member of the cult takes off their mask one by one. So who is the newest inductee? Welcome, Miss Ally Mayfair-Richards! And Ivy's reaction? Freaking priceless.

EPISODE 7: We all knew that Lena Dunham was going to be featured in this week's episode of AHS: Cult, but did she really have to take up the majority of it? The Girls star played the real-life Valerie Solanas, a radical feminist who attempted to murder Andy Warhol in 1968. Her character's story was fictionalized and blown up to be threaded into the episode, where her history with the mysterious Bebe (yes, Frances Conroy is BACK y'all!) is explored.

Wait, before we dig into this mini-recap, let's take a moment to praise how spot-on Evan Peters' portrayal of Andy Warhol. Seriously, someone please give him an Emmy this year! Okay, back to what we're here for. So it turns out Bebe was part of a '60s cult that was founded by her then-lover Solanas, and—get this—they were the Zodiac Killers! Well, in this fictionalized television world anyway. Bebe takes them down a bloody memory lane as the all-female cult stabbed their way through the decade. But two male members of the cult, the "Turds," wanted to take credit of the Zodiac murders. Being the crazed feminist she is, Solanas wasn't having that type of patriarchy go down in her cult!

This story fuels Beverly's (Adina Porter) mission to create her own cult, as she is apparently in some battle of the sexes with Kai (Peters). Along with Bev, Ivy (Alison Pill) and Winter (Billie Lourde) avenge Meadow's death and get back at Kai where it hurts—by chopping up Harrison (Billy Eichner) into little bits after they found out he created the MLWB (“Men Lead, Women Bleed”) acronym. But...there's a PLOT TWIST! After Kai gets word of Harrison's death on the news, which was reported by Bev of course), he says “They’re at their best when they’re angry. Don’t you think?” Then Bebe (!!) smugly responds with “Aren’t we all." Hmm, what is this pair up to?

EPISODE 6: Last night's AHS: Cult was re-edited to lessen the graphic scenes of a mass shooting in the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy, but the episode still remained pretty brutal. The plot was focused on Meadow (Leslie Grossman)...oh poor, poor Meadow! She revealed the cult's existence last week to Ally (Sarah Paulson), but she proved in "Mid-Western Assassin" that a plan was in place the entire time.

Meadow confessing everything to Ally was actually a scheme to draw her into Kai's twisted plan to assassinate Sally (Mare Winningham), his city council competitor. Sally could barely get any shine in the episode after her bonding moment with Ally, as the clown crew bombard her house to shoot her in the head. They attempt to make it look like a suicide, with Kai writing a suicide note. "No one is gonna believe that!" Sally shouts. Kai's brilliant response? "Of course they will, it's on Facebook!" Ally (who can never keep quiet) runs to hide in the bathroom and shrieks when she hears the gunshot. Ivy investigates the scene and surprisingly doesn't harm Ally, who somehow immediately recognizes her wife.

Okay, back to Meadow. The mass shooting scene we saw in the beginning of the episode wasn't at the hands of Ally. It was actually Meadow who killed all those people before turning the gun at herself. "This is the face of true love," she utters before pulling the trigger. It turns out that Kai—with his sick sensibility—managed to convince Meadow (who was madly in love with him) to execute a suicide mission. So will Ally be charged for the shooting? We'll hopefully find out next week!

EPISODE 5: WOAH, what just happened last night?! Following last week's episode that exposed the inner-workings of Kai's (Evan Peters) cult, "Holes" gave viewers more of an insight to the mad leader's personal life. And man, I don't think any of us were expecting that plot twist. But let's rewind before we get into Tuesday night's juicy ending.

The main theme of the episode was holes of all kinds, from the perverted WBNR's Bob Thompson (Dermot Mulroney) calling out his reporter Beverly Hope's (Adina Porter) sensationalist stories to Ally (Sarah Paulson) dream nightmare of scratching holes in her neck as black bugs crawl out. I couldn't look at the television screen at that point as I, like with many of us AHS lovers, suffer from trypophobia as well. The episode quickly escalates as the clown cult march to Bob's house on the command of Kai, who wants to kill him “in the most satanic way possible.” By the way, Ivy (Alison Pill) is indeed part of the cult, which is revealed when they all come together in a meeting. But we all called that many episodes ago!

The most sickening part of the episode occurred when Bob lead the cult to his attic, where he is holding a gimp hostage. The poor guy is being hung from the ceiling by metal hooks in a way that would make the Saw franchise jealous! The cult proceeds to stab Bob to death for his wrongdoings before Beverly finishes the job by taking an axe to his head. Now, let's talk about that plot twist! The gimp scene was disturbing, but what came after made viewers sick to their stomach. In the pinky promise cult ritual, Beverly ends up flipping the script and begins to interrogate Kai. We then learn that the leader's parents died three years ago. His father was in a motorcycle accident and was bound to a wheelchair. Kai's mother ends up shooting her husband before blasting the gun in her jaw—right in front of her son. Kai then calls his brother, who is revealed to be...Dr. Rudy Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson)! The therapist doesn't seem fazed by his parents' deaths and decides to leave them in the bed to rot instead of properly burying them out of fear that the dad's disability checks will stop coming. How twisted is that? It'll be interesting to see how Beverly's role will grow, as she's the only one who managed to break down Kai.

EPISODE 4: Things are getting good people!! Last night's episode took a much-needed break from Ally's (Sarah Paulson) constant wails and provided insight into the creation of Kai's (Evan Peters) cult. The flashback episode, appropriately titled "11/9," brought it back to the fear of Election Night. We are taken into the voting booth, as Ivy writes in Hillary Clinton, Ally votes for Jill Stein and Meadow (Leslie Grossman) jots down Oprah (of course). Gary Longstreet (Chaz Bono) also gets dragged by Kai into the polls as he screams out his support for Trump. So were you wondering why Gary's hand was cut off? Well...

Ivy (who is revealed to have known Winter before she got hired as Oz's babysitter) and Winter join forces to knock Gary unconscious and take him to Kai's underground lair. There, in Kai's twisted manipulation, somehow convinces the poor guy to saw off his hand. “What would you give for the chance to do that? How humiliated are you?” Kai muses. 

Last night's episode was a shining moment for the cult leader, as we got to witness firsthand just how sick and controlling he can truly be. He manages to recruit Kai, Ivy, reporter Beverly Hope (Adina Porter), Meadow and Harrison (Billy Eichner) into his cult by directly targeting their fears. Like with Harrison (who worked at a gym), Kai sexually taunts him and soon drives Harrison to kill his co-worker Vinny. Sarah Paulson is typically the AHS queen, but Evan Peters deserves a handful of Emmys nominations this year for just how convincing he's playing this role.

EPISODE 3: Last night was a glorious occasion for us AHS fans, as episode 3 was FINALLY worth watching! Yes, the new season picked up its slow pace and made the plot actually interesting. After Ally (Sarah Paulson), or "the lesbian George Zimmerman," was misnamed as a murder in episode 2 for accidentally shooting Pedro, the poor woman continues to be targeted as a racist by protesters and her wacky neighbors. The Wiltons (Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman) serve as the perfect comedic foil for an otherwise bland season so far, as they hilariously head up to Ally's doorstep (donning sombreros, mind you) as they throw Taco Bell coupons at her. It was a welcomed and brilliant moment of white privilege satire.

Episode 3 also brought a few chilling moments that weren't clown-specific (is anyone else over all this coulrophobia?). Ally and Ivy were met with a slew of dead crows on their lawn, Ozzy accidentally sees a viral video of Ally being seduced in the bathtub by Winter (Billie Lourd), Meadow revealed to be part of the cult and the cute guinea pig gets cooked in the microwave. And not to mention those inexplicable bloodied smiley faces on the houses. Let's just hope the next episode continues this momentum and dives deeper into Kai's (Evan Peters) cult leader status. Is he the new Charles Manson? Hopefully we'll find out soon!

EPISODE 2: This week's episode picks up where the premiere left off, with Ally heading to bed before realizing there is a clown sleeping next to here. The rest of the episode continues to fuel her uncontrollable anxiety. “I think there might be something wrong with me," she tells her wife Ivy. On the other side of the house, the couples poor son Ozzy is still dealing with his night terrors (which are probably more intense thanks to the manipulative Winter Anderson) where he sees Twisty and Triple Dongerface.

We then turn to some on-point current political references, with Kai running for city council to replace Councillor Chang's seat and Ally coming to one of her chef's defense. "I'm not about to fire an immigrant in this climate," she says, making a direct connection to the real-life racial tensions occurring in right now. Pedro later tells Ivy, "It's scary to be brown these days." We also meet the strange new couple who just moved into the deceased Changs' home. Ally and Ivy head over to meet their new neighbors Harrison (Billy Eichner) and Meadow (Leslie Grossman).  But the eccentric pair aren't actually a loving couple! Harrison is gay and married his friend Meadow due to a pact they made when they were younger. He is also a beekeeper, which of course immediately triggers Ally's fear of holes. She remains skeptical about the couple, so it'll be interesting to see how their storyline develops. "Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark" was lacking a bit in the fear factor, so let's hope next week gives us some much-needed suspense (and unveils if Pedro survived Ally's unexpected gunshot).

EPISODE 1: The time has finally come, my friends! The anticipated debut episode of AHS: Cult premiered on FX last night (Sept. 5), which relived that frightful night when it was announced that Donald Trump would be the country's next president. The reaction to the news hit a little too close to home, as Ally Mayfair-Richards (played by Sarah Paulson) literally had a mental breakdown while Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) humped his TV screen with manic joy.

The opening scene of "Election Night" garnered chills, with real footage of Trump and Hillary Clinton declaring "I am running for president of the United States!" After the revelation that Trump gained the coveted title on Nov. 8, 2016, the episode quickly spiraled out of control. "The revolution has begun," Kai utters before chanting "USA! USA! USA!" It is a stark and frightening reflection of how many MAGA supporters reacted upon hearing the news.

We are then introduced to the four major phobias that Ally cannot seem to control, no matter how hard her wife Ivy (Alison Pill) and therapist Cheyenne Jackson try to console her. While her rabid fear of clowns, the sight of blood, confined spaces and cluster of holes (the latter is still giving me chills as I type), it becomes too overbearing throughout the episode. Just how many times do we need to see Ally lose her mind over seeing clowns do the dirty in the grocery store? Hopefully the upcoming episodes treat her phobias with more sophistication instead of annoying campiness.

The satirical play on the election continues as Kai paints his face with blended Cheetos to mimic his orange-hued leader and makes two run-ins with Ally: the first occurs when he splashes coffee on her and Ivy, and the second is when his sister (we think...) Winter (played by Billie Lourd) somehow becomes the babysitter for the couple's son Oz.

Save for a few chilling moments (Kai throwing a piss-filled condom at bystanders, the welcomed return of Freak Show's Twisty the Clown), the premiere episode cruised by without packing too much of a punch. But we'll definitely continue to tune in to see just how deep Ally's anxious fears and Kai's cult status will go! Below, check out some hilarious and almost too relatable Twitter reactions of the "Election Night" episode:

Stay tuned right here as we'll be recapping every episode of American Horror Story: Cult each week! Next up, check out Rider Strong revealing his favorite horror movies below: