September 1, 2017


Keep Holding On: Avril Lavigne Promises Her New Album Will 'Be Here Before You Know It'

Avril Lavigne is assuring curious fans that her new album is definitely coming—and it might be sooner than you think. The singer shared an update on social media explaining the current status of the recording process.

“I just want to thank everyone for their patience as I work on putting together this new album. It’s been a long recovery and I want to make sure that this is perfect for you guys!!” the singer wrote. “You only deserve my best effort and that’s what I’m going to deliver! I can’t wait to share the new music I’m working on, I promise it’ll be here before you know it!!" Last December, Avril confirmed the album will be arriving in 2017.

"I wanted to first thank my fans for your patience & support during my time away throughout my battle with Lyme Disease over the past 2 years," she wrote in an Instagram post. "It hasn't just been a hard battle but it's also been enlightening and will reflect in my new music, artistry, life, and personally." She continued, "I can't wait to open up and share my heart with you! I'm excited for you guys to hear the new songs." 

Fast forward to 2017 and the singer has been teasing photos of her in the recording studio with big industry names like producer J.R. Rotem (who has worked with the likes of RihannaBritney Spears and Gwen Stefani), drummer Kenny Aronoff and guitarist Zane Carney:

Avril's sixth album will be the follow-up to her 2013 self-titled effort, which featured the controversial "Hello Kitty" single. She was last heard on "Get Over Me," her collaboration with Nick Carter in November 2015. Next, take it all the way back to 2002 as Fuse's Besterday podcast celebrates Avril Lavigne's debut album Let Go turning 15: