September 7, 2017


B.A.P Embrace Their Freedom in Vibrant 'Honeymoon' Video: Watch

As evidenced by their emotional and personal single "Wake Me Up" from MarchB.A.P is making 2017 their year of letting listeners in on what makes them tick and that continues with their latest release "Honeymoon."

Just like "Wake Me Up," the band's new single boasts a trendier and most accessible sound than past B.A.P singles that will inevitably help the boys' messages spread even further. The addictive whistle hook gets blended into a subtle, electro-tropical production that acts as an exciting backdrop to the guys' emotive vocals and intense rap styles. The sonic elements continue to grow in intensity until they all blend together for the song's climax as the hooks blend together for one of Bang Yongguk's most memorable rap sections yet as vocalists Jongup and and Daehyun finish off the track by trading off increasingly impressive belts. Each member gets a suitable moment to shine in this track with Zelo also owning his rap section in the second verse while Youngjae and Himchan's more tender vocals add a softer dimensions to the hard-hitting track and handle the final, calmer moments of the cut.

Lyrically, the guys seem to be focused on embracing the idea of freedom, utilizing the idea of a carefree honeymoon to live in the moment and express themselves. They sing in English, "I feel good / It is true / Life is colorful," while surrounded by imagery relating to breaking free and playing by their own rules. 

The viewer sees Daehyun releasing a bowl of goldfish into the sea, Zelo appears to break out of what looks like a coffin, and Yongguk takes a bat to bust up a television—the latter moment perhaps doubling as a message to the relentless media. Blink and you'll miss it, but there's even a tombstone with B.A.P's name, perhaps a clever dismissal to anyone who thought the band was over or past their prime. Hey haters, the B.A.P dudes want you to know that they're "freer than I've ever been" and, in fact, in the honeymoon stage of their career five years down the line.

"Honeymoon" is the lead single off B.A.P's new three-song EP titled Blue that features the similarly summery "All the Way Up" along with the R&B-inspired ballad "Rewind." Listen via Apple Music below:

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