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The Best Pop Star MAC Cosmetics Collaborations of All Time

From Rihanna to Mariah Carey, here is a roundup of our favorite women in music who also ruled the makeup world!

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Ariana Grande (2015)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Ariana Grande teamed up with MAC twice for their coveted Viva Glam collection. The singer's first collaboration was in 2015, where she released a sultry plum lipstick and a shimmery pink lipglass. Grande later dropped a hot pink lipstick and nude-rose lipglass the following year.

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Beth Ditto (2012)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

The quirky singer released a Summer 2012 collection that was just as vibrant as her personality. The products included nail polish, lip cremes, lip liners, mascara, blush and more. The names were fun too: Heart Hangover, Little Miss Moffet, Near Beth Experience and Booyah!!! (just to name a few).

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Dej Loaf (2016)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Dej Loaf (along with HalseyTinashe and Lion Babe) was part of MAC Cosmetics' Future Forward Campaign in February 2016. The Detroit rapstress helped to created a stunning rosy-nude lipglass with the company. "Music was just a stepping stone for me, I want to get into other things outside of music...creative things. This first step [with MAC] is a big first step," she told Billboard.

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Halsey (2016)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Halsey encapsulated her rebellious personality with a steel gunmetal-colored matte lipstick for the Future Forward Campaign. "It’s really cool to me because it's a cooler blue tone, which is my creative color. I use blue lights onstage and had blue hair for a long time," she explained. "Blue stimulates me. I wanted to do something different that I hadn't seen before and I realized I was wearing a lot of cooler toned colors and a lot of pinks and browns. I thought how great would it be to do something that was a bit more dramatic and more risky."

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Tinashe (2016)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

The "Superlove" singer kept things more wearable for her part of the campaign, with the neutral Times Nine Palette. "I was really intrigued by the chance to bring my creative vision to this," Tinashe said. "I got to design the packaging, pick out the colors and create something that I felt like I would use."

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Lion Babe (2016)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Lion Babe’s Jillian Hervey channeled the sparkly essence of her music with a metallic gold Liquidlast Liner for the capsule collection. Obviously there are a ton of black liners in the world so I thought it would be really interesting to go with a different color base and I’ve always felt very strongly about the color gold. I love what the color represents and it’s definitely similar to my skin tone," the singer told Billboard.

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Dua Lipa (2017)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Dua Lipa, Justine Skye and K-Pop star Lee Hi were chosen as the faces for MAC Cosmetics' latest Future Forward capsule collection in Spring 2017. The "New Rules" star worked on a juicy Creamsheen Lipglass with flecks of iridescent pearl glitter. "I love the juxtaposition of glamor and tomboy because that's exactly what makes me comfortable. You totally got it right," Dua Lipa said. "The gloss is clear because I didn’t want to have a dark color that’s too 'in your face,' but then the glitter is the glamor, which I always wear."

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Ellie Goulding (2015)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

The British songstress partnered with MAC for a romantic collection that was released in late 2015. It included 14 color products, two sets of faux lashes in both individual and half-strip options and three makeup brushes. Goulding told Allure the compacts were her favorite. "Halcyon Days is really fresh and glow-y and isn't too heavy. You can use it on your cheeks, your lips, and your eyes actually, she stated. "And then if you are going out after work, you can use Halcyon Nights to have a bit more shimmer and a darker eye. At least that's what I do."

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Hayley Williams (2013)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams worked with MAC in April 2013 for a juicy collection that embodied her love for orange sorbet colors at the time. The four products included orange matte lipstick, nail polish, a shimmery coral eye shadow called Daydreaming and a face powder. “Orange was it for me from picking up the eyeshadow when I was 17,” she told PEOPLE. “It’s not a natural color, but when I wear it, people say ‘It looks normal on you!’ I feel like it was born with it. It matches my soul.”

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Kelly & Sharon Osbourne (2014)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Rockstar mother-daughter duo Sharon and Kelly Osbourne launched a limited edition collection in June 2014 that featured their love for smoky neutrals and pastel colors, respectively. Kelly's part of the collection had tons of creamy, sherbet-inspired hues while Sharon dove into more warmer tones.

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Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper (2010)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Lady Gaga worked with MAC twice, with the first being a Viva Glam collection alongside fellow pop star Cyndi Lauper. The two ladies released lipsticks that suited their personality: Lauper opted for a fire-engine red while Gaga went for a more subdued pink. The following year, she released a nude beige lipstick.

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Lorde (2014)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Lorde's collaboration with MAC was all about dark pop-goth vibes, which was perfect for the singer at the time! The Pure Heroine deep purple lipstick was vampy and the Penultimate Eyeliner was black as night. "Coming into the music industry where everyone is very beautiful, it’s easy to think that that is the norm, but it isn’t at all," the singer told Vogue. "I wanted to make it known to my peers, the girls I go to school with and young women who are listening to my music, that you can have flaws and things aren’t perfect all the time."

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Mariah Carey (2016)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Mariah Carey created two holiday collections with MAC that reflected her glittery diva personality that we all love! The icon only launched a sole lipstick for her first collection, but for the second go 'round she amped up the collection to include a whopping 23 products. It featured glimmering yet classy items in the more bronzey-nude colore family, with names that fans would immediately recognize like the "Touch My Body" sparkle powder and the "It's Just Like Honey" lipglass.

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Miley Cyrus (2015)

Viva Glam
Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Miley Cyrus partnered with MAC for two collections back in 2015, both of which showed off different sides of her personality. The first was a hot pink MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus lipstick accompanied by a glitter bomby-worthy lipglass. A few months later, the pop star released the MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus II lipstick that was her signature hue at the time: a bright-as-hell matte red-orange color that had a shimmering lipglass to match!

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Nicki Minaj (2017)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Nicki Minaj's first MAC collaboration was a pastel lavender Viva Glam lipstick, which suited her in-your-face Pink Friday era at the time. But her Fall 2017 collection is more classy and less dramatic. The two new lipsticks, dubbed Nicki’s Nude and The Pinkprint, reflect Minaj's subdued fashion sense due to their pink-nude undertones.

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Selena (2016)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Selena's MAC collection in 2016 showed the incredible power of fandom. The collection was birthed from a petition that her diehard supporters created, who believed the late singer deserved it. The products were encased in purple packaging and featured lipsticks (one of which mimicked Selena's signature cherry-red lip color perfectly), a bronzer/blush duo, mascara, eyeshadows and more.

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Rihanna (2013)

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Rihanna has collaborated with MAC not one, not two—but three times! The pop icon's first collection was released in June 2013 and featured three juicy and bright retro-matte lipsticks that were perfect for summer beach parties. The subsequent collections gave rise to her now-signature RiRi Woo lipstick (a fresh take on MAC's signature Ruby Woo), as well as faux lashes, eyeshadows, liquid liners, makeup brushes and more.

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