September 6, 2017


EXO Go Gamer-God Status for Anthemic New 'Power' Single: Watch

After the success of their latest summer album The War, it was only a matter of time until EXO brought the heat once again and this time the K-pop sensations did so with a fresh-and-fun concept that doubles as a nod to their origin story.

New single "Power" leads off the outfit's recently released The Power of Music album that brings three new tracks for a repackage of the electro-pop-tour-de-force War album. Produced by frequent collaborators LDN Noise (who were behind EXO cuts "Monster," "Lucky One," "Lotto" and 2017's "Forever"), EXO's latest is a high-energy, EDM-pop track that is arguably the band's most upbeat single since 2015's "Love Me Right." The choruses boast an anthemic feel with a throbbing "We got that power, power!" hook that is just begging to be screamed by EXO fans—lovingly known as EXO-Ls—next time the band plays their next arena show.

The accompanying music video showcases a more lighthearted side to the boy band who have opted for more darker images in their recent visuals, but fans know can be super silly on camera as seen in their quirky transition videos played in concerts. For "Power," the guys embrace a gamer concept as they play superheroes out to destroy an alien machine on a video game–esque foreign planet. Longtime EXO fans will be happy to see each member boasting his own unique superpower (which were officially assigned to the EXO members early in the careers as part of their supernatural concept) as we see rapper Chanyeol embracing his "Flame" power by shooting fire from his hand and singer Xiumin's "Frost" power shooting icicles from the ground. Look out for a slew of fun pop-art references as the members also transform into different, vintage-looking cartoon characters that recall the early days of Disney and Cartoon Network.

Along with "Power," the just-released Power of Music comes with the sensual "Sweet Lies" (written by Chanyeol and K-pop crooner G.Soul) and slinky funk-pop cut "Boomerang." With the record already rising to No. 2 on the iTunes Top Albums chart in the United States, EXO found a way to add a refreshing sonic and visual change while still continuing the long-running story they've created with fans from the beginning.

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