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Fall TV Preview 2017: 21 Shows You Can't Miss

From Big Freedia's biggest adventure yet to highly anticipated returns of 'Stranger Things, 'Riverdale' and more, this is the television you need to be watching this season

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'Big Freedia Bounces Back'

Premiere Date and Channel: Tuesday, September 12 at 10/9c on Fuse

Why You Should Tune In: New Orleans’ own Big Freedia is back for a sixth season of her hit Fuse docu-series! With a new title and new hour-long episodes, this season is sure to be Freedia’s biggest. Coming off battling legal woes last year, Season 6 sees a more focused Freedia, ready to take her career to the next level. But will her longtime team and dancers get in formation, or will Freedia have to clean house and risk losing her Freedia family? Mark Sundstrom

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'The Mindy Project'

Premiere Date and Channel: Tuesday, September 12 on Hulu

Why You Should Tune In: Two Words—Danny’s back!! Also, Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon is in the house, er, cave! Sadly, these great events will occur because our beloved TV rom-com is coming to an end. Mindy Lahiri’s exceptional collection of designer pajamas, I’ll miss you most. Katy Caldwell

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'Broad City'

Premiere Date and Channel: Wednesday, September 13 on Comedy Central

Why You Should Tune In: The badass Broad babes are back for what's anticipated to be their most political and poignant season yet. Last year had a guest cameo from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton—where Abbi and Ilana could barely mutter a "Yass queen" upon meeting her—so expect loads of Trump disses and commentary that could further solidify the brilliant comedy's place in pop culture.Jeff Benjamin

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'The Good Place'

Premiere Date and Channel: Wednesday, September 20 on NBC

Why You Should Tune In: Who knew that the afterlife would be this lit? Season One's shocking reveal about The Good Place's true identity perfectly set viewers up for what's sure to be a wild sophomore season. Will our beloved Eleanor ever find Chidi? What's in store for Version 2 of Michael's diabolical torture experiment? And will the experiment even succeed? So many unanswered questions. Tina Xu

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Premiere Date and Channel: Thursday, September 21 on FOX

Why You Should Tune In: Season 4 is gearing up for a new day as the dark, twisted TV series returns on a Thursday this fall. This season we can expect to see young Batman a.k.a. Bruce Wayne emerge as more corruption and villains flood Gotham City. Amissa Pitter

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'Star Trek: Discovery'

Premiere Date and Channel: Sunday, September 24 on CBS All Access

Why You Should Tune In: With J.J. Abrams has successfully rebooting the film franchise, it was only a matter of time before we got another installment of Star Trek. With a diverse cast at the helm, this new chapter in the Star Trek Universe will hopefully introduce Gene Roddenberry’s genius to a whole new generation.Malikah Shabazz

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'Young Sheldon'

Premiere Date and Channel: Monday, September 25 on CBS

Why You Should Tune In: We all love The Big Bang Theory, but it’s Sheldon Cooper who takes the cake as my favorite. We finally get to see the upbringing that gave us the lovable mee-maw loving genius. Malikah Shabazz

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'This Is Us'

Premiere Date and Channel: Tuesday, September 26 on NBC 

Why You Should Tune In: Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia play parents to the Big Three in this gorgeously written time jumping drama. If you need a good cry this is a much watch. Patrice Callender

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Premiere Date and Channel: Wednesday, September 27 on FOX

Why You Should Tune In: This time around creator Lee Daniels is scaling back on the guest appearances and focusing on what matters most—the Lyon family. The third season ended on an explosive note and Empire fans can expect to see a new side of Cookie as she runs the family business while Lucious works towards recovery and regains his memory. Plus, Forrest Whittaker joins the cast with some vocals...yes! Amissa Pitter

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'Fuller House'

Premiere Date and Channel: Wednesday, September 27 on Netflix

Why You Should Tune In: Our favorite family will be returning to give us more laughs and fun moments in Season 3. The premiere actually falls on a special date—the 30th anniversary of Full House's debut episode on ABC.Bianca Gracie

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Grey's Anatomy

Premiere Date and Channel: Thursday, September 28 on ABC   

Why You Should Tune In: Last season, we were left with a hospital explosion, presumed dead sisters returning back from the dead, an exit from one of our favorite resident doctors, and more than one couple ending (or facing some potential serious love triangle drama) If Grey’s (read: Shonda Rhimes) has shown us loyal fans anything, it’s to expect one hell of a season that will take us through emotional highs and lows…that we’ll continue to keep begging for. Shana Pinnock

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'How to Get Away With Murder'

Premiere Date and Channel: Thursday, September 28 on ABC 

Why You Should Tune In: Last season's finale ended with a banger, so it'll be interesting to see how the HTGAWM gang tries to recover from all the haunting secrets that were unveiled. How do they plan to return to their regular lives? Bianca Gracie

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'Will & Grace'

Premiere Date and Channel: Thursday, September 28 on NBC

Why You Should Tune In: Because you really missed the multi-award winning show's Jack and Karen, and 11 years later things exist like social media and handbags specifically designed to hide alcohol! How will the beloved gang handle these new times? Katy Caldwell

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'The Exorcist'

Premiere Date and Channel: Friday, September 29 on FOX

Why You Should Tune In: After a rollercoaster ride of a first season, fans weren’t sure we’d get a second season of FOX’s take on the horror classic. The Exorcist aired Fridays, a dreaded day for ratings, and predictably they weren’t exactly stellar. Thank God for the fans. Horror fans are notoriously hard to please because they crave quality (yet are often fed slop), but once you do right by them, they remain loyal forever. When it comes to taking on classic horror franchises, the odds aren’t great, but The Exorcist is the rare anomaly. The show is written, directed and acted so well, fans fell in love and became fiercely protective, demanding a second season via the #RenewTheExorcist social media campaign. It worked. After delayed news of the show’s renewal, the creators/writers noted it was fan demand that convinced FOX to give it another go. While season one stars Alfonso Herrera (Father Tomas) and Ben Daniels (Father Marcus) will return, season two will tell a whole new tale, with cast additions of John Cho, Deadpool’s Brianna Hildebrand, and more. Mark Sundstrom

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Premiere Date and Channel: Thursday, October 5 on ABC

Why You Should Tune In: When the seventh and final season of Scandal begins this fall, we'll find out if everything in the crisis-filled world of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is as "handled" as she'd like her faithful Gladiators to believe. Season six's whodunnit-driven plot culminated in viewers learning Luna Vargas caused her husband Frankie's presidential demise, which ultimately lead to Mellie Grant securing the U.S. presidency. Olivia will serve as Mellie's chief of staff and secretly take over the deadly B613 as "Command." Brian Anthony Hernandez

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'​Once Upon a Time'

Premiere Date and Channel: Friday, October 6 on ABC 

Why You Should Tune In: Ahead of Once Upon a Time’s season six finale news broke that a huge chunk of the main cast were leaving the show. Needless to say, fans freaked out. We soon discovered it was because the creators/writers decided to somewhat reboot the series, leaping 20 or so years into the future of the story’s timeline. Approaching seven seasons, it was a risky but perhaps necessary change. The shake up could prove to be an exciting reason to keep watching, or start watching again for fans who left the show a few seasons ago. As a fan myself, I’m still sad some of our favorite characters will be gone, but we're also curious how they will take on this new direction and new storyline. Mark Sundstrom

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Premiere Date and Channel: Wednesday, October 11 on The CW   

Why You Should Tune In: The first season ended with Cheryl's house blown up, Archie's dad shot (and potentially dead), an unresolved Archie/Veronica/Betty love triangle, and a brewing Riverdale civil war—plenty of juicy material and loose ends to kick off Season 2. Series star Cole Sprouse described the upcoming 22-episode season as "darker and weirder" than ever, so expect even more twisted chaos. Tina Xu

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'Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party'

Premiere Date and Channel: Monday, October 16 on VH1

Why You Should Tune In: Guests like Diddy, Wilmer Valderrama and Ty Dolla $ign join epic hostess Martha and West Coast rap legend Snoop for a second season of food, musical performances and fun. Patrice Callender

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'The Walking Dead'

Premiere Date and Channel: Sunday, October 22 on AMC   

Why You Should Tune In: Our beloved group finally took on Negan and The Saviors and has officially started All Out War. The latest trailer of TWD gives us a flash of Old Man Rick (Carl, maybe?), has Father Gabriel hanging around Negan (RUN!), and a whole lot of dead guys. We can’t wait to see how the war plays out, and which of our favorite and most-hated characters make it, or don’t. Shana Pinnock

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'Stranger Things'

Premiere Date and Channel: Friday, October 27 on Netflix  

Why You Should Tune In: Eleven, who has psychokinetic powers, and her brave young friends rescued Will Byers from the demogorgon in the Upside Down during the Emmy-nominated inaugural season of Netflix's science fiction-horror series Stranger Things. The gang is back together for Season 2, which takes place in 1984 around Halloween time, a year after the rescue. The new season will explain Will's eerie disappearance, explore Eleven's origin story and introduce more supernatural horrors. –Brian Anthony Hernandez

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'​She's Gotta Have It'

Premiere Date and Channel: Thursday, November 23 on Netflix 

Why You Should Tune In: Is there much more we need to say beyond a Spike Lee and Netflix original series? She’s Gotta Have It, premiering Thanksgiving day, is a 10-episode Netflix series that’s a modern retelling of Spike Lee’s 1986 film debut. The series will be directed by Lee, written by various writers per episode, and stars Underground's DeWanda Wise as lead character Nola Darling. We’re curious to see if this series can live up to our nostalgic memory of the original, which has become a cult classic. Mark Sundstrom

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