September 6, 2017


'Gerald's Game' Trailer: The Stephen King Adaptation Is BDSM Gone Completely Wrong

Kinky foreplay becomes a terrifying matter of life and death in the new Gerald's Game trailer, Netflix's latest thriller that will haunt screens later this month. The preview makes Fifty Shades of Grey looks like child's play as Jessie (Spy Kids' Carla Gugino) and Gerald (Star Trek's Bruce Greenwood) try to add some spark back in their marriage.

Gerald begins to handcuff his wife either side of their bedpost. But before he attempts to have sex with her, he suffers a heart attack and falls to the ground. That element is different from Stephen King's original 1992 novel (Gerald's skull cracks open when Jessie kicks him to the ground), but it's still fearful nonetheless. Jessie is now alone in an empty home where she literally cannot escape and falls into deep hallucinations.

Director Mike Flanagan (Oculus, Before I Wake, Ouija: Origin of Evil) previously said that he thought the novel would be unfilmable after reading it in college, but from the looks of his movie version it seems like it will dig deeper into survival thriller themes. Look out for the Gerald's Game Netflix premiere on Sept. 29. It follows fellow Stephen King TV/movie adaptations like Spike TV's The Mist, last month's Dark Tower and Hulu's Castle Rock (which will premiere in 2018).

But before then, watch TV stars of Atlanta, Gotham and more reveal their weird fears: