September 7, 2017


'Gaga Five Foot Two' Trailer: Watch Lady Gaga Cry, Fight & Get Stoned In Grandpa's Car

Lady Gaga takes fans deeper into her life behind the stage in her upcoming Gaga: Five Foot Two documentary. In the debut trailer, she sheds her pop star skin and shows a more vulnerable side.

The fast-paced clip shows glimpses of Gaga preparing for her massive 2016 Super Bowl halftime performance, the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour, hugging Donatella Versace backstage, getting stoned in her grandpa's car, laughing with Florence Welch and having a painful doctor's office visit. The documentary takes place during the recording process of the singer's Joanne album (released last October) while journeying the highs and lows of a full year. Look out for Gaga: Five Foot Two's Netflix premiere on Sept. 22.

Director Chris Moukarbel (Banksy Does New York) followed the singer for a year to get more of an insight of her life as she struggles with "relationships to health issues, from finding solace in her inner circle to conquering her insecurities." Gaga is currently on her Joanne World Tour that kicked off on Aug. 1. Next, take it back to the pop star discussing how her music has no boundaries during the ARTPOP album era: