September 5, 2017


Metallica's James Hetfield Suffers Stage Fall in Amsterdam: Video

It could happen to anyone.

While Metallica performed at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome on Monday, Sept. 4, frontman James Hetfield suffered a nasty fall when he tumbled into one of the floor openings on their elaborate stage setup during their performance of "Now That We're Dead." Watch a fan's direct viewpoint above and then watch an above-ground recording that starts at the 3:50 mark:

Hetfield was attended to by two stage handlers who helped the metal vet get out of the predicament and finish off his guitar solo (on much more stable footing). 

He later told the crowd, "Yes, I'm OK. My ego, not so much." A trooper and a true rock star.

After you watch the performances—which are great, by the way, don't let an onstage tumble take away from a rockin' rendition—take it way back to a classic Fuse interview with Metallica from Daily Download in 2004: